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Runtime Gatekeeper

Learn how to use Runtime Gatekeeper for contact less and safe attendance. If you have not yet signed up, click here to create a free trial account of Runtime HRMS. Once you have created an account, please follow the Getting Started Guide to setup your account and add employees. After configuring leaves, holidays, weekly offs, and after adding employees, you are ready to setup your Gatekeeper device for contact-less attendance.

Add Gatekeeper Device in Runtime HRMS

Login to Runtime HRMS Dashboard. Go to Setup > Time > Gatekeeper. add gatekeeper Click on 'Add Device' button at top right and enter a name for your reference. In case you wish to enable GPS location matching between Gatekeeper and Employee mobile, click on 'Match Location' and then click 'Save'. Gatekeeper Devices List Now, click on 'Lock' icon at right side of the device name. It will display a unique Gatekeeper device code. Gatekeeper Device Code Take a note of this code and proceed to install Gatekeeper mobile application.

Install Gatekeeper Application

Note: Do not install Gatekeeper on your personal mobile. You need to allocate a separate mobile for this purpose. Search for "Runtime Gatekeeper" on Google Play (Or visit this link on mobile gatekeeper google play search Tap on "Install" to install Gatekeeper. gatekeeper on google play

Login to Activate

After installing, launch Gatekeeper application. On first launch, you will see a login screen. Enter following information to login: 1. Runtime HRMS Username (Registered e-mail or mobile) 2. Runtime HRMS Password 3. Gatekeeper Device Code (noted above) Click on 'Login'. The app will ask you to setup a 4 digit Administrator PIN. Enter a PIN of your choice and click on 'Continue'. Once activated, the device will display a QR Code on screen as shown below: Gatekeeper Active Place this device at the entry of your office or factory. Connect to a wi-fi network and keep it plugged in to a charger. Your employees can scan this code using Runtime Workman mobile application to mark contact-less attendance.