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Comp Offs

Compensatory Offs (aka Comp Offs) facilitate compensating employees by granting leaves when they have worked on a holiday or weekly off.

There are cases when employees are required to work on a holiday or a weekly off like Saturday or Sunday. In such cases, it is a common practice to grant a leave credit to the employees in exchange of the work done on a holiday.

To setup Comp Offs in Runtime HRMS, we need to configure a couple of settings as described below:

Setup Comp Off approval settings

Go to Setup > Attendance > Attendance Setting. Look for section named 'Comp Off Requests' as shown below. There are two possible options here:

  • Approval by Reporting Manager: If this option is selected, the request for approval of Comp Off will go to requestor's reporting manager. If reporting manager is not defined on requestor's profile, the request cannot be placed.
  • Approval by Department Head: If this option is selected, the request for approval of Comp Off will go the head of the department of requestor's department. To know more about department heads, go to Setup > General > Department.
Enabling Comp Off on Leave Types

You also need to specify which leave types can be used to apply for Comp Off. You can create a completely separate leave type with name 'Comp Off' for this purpose, or you can use an existing leave type like 'Casual Leave' to enable comp offs. To do this, go to Setup > Attendance > Leave Types.

Add a new leave type or edit an existing one. Make sure that 'Track Balance' is selected. Select 'Allow Comp Off Requests' option and click on 'Save'.

You can turn on this option for more than one leave type also. All leave types where Comp Off is enabled, will appear as a selection when applying for comp off on Workman (mobile app for employees).

Applying for Comp Off on Workman

Open the hamburger menu and tap on 'Requests'. Select 'Comp Off' icon to open then new request page. Select date, comp off type and enter comments to submit. The approver (manager or department head), will get a notification that a new comp off request has been submitted.

Approving Comp Off on Workman

Open the hamburger menu and tap on 'Team & Approvals'. Select 'Comp Off' icon to open pending requests. For every request, you will see 'Approve' and 'Reject' buttons. Take the action as necessary. Enter your comments and save. The requestor will get a notification about the action taken.


Hope this article makes it easy to understand how Comp Offs work in Runtime HRMS. Let us know your feedback by leaving a comment below.