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Attendance Settings

This article explains some additional attendance settings in Runtime HRMS. To access these settings, go to Setup > Attendance > Other Settings. Other Attendance Settings - Runtime Payroll Cloud Other Settings
Here is an explanation of each item on this page:

Default Attendance

Select from Present or Absent. This means that if there is no attendance information available for an employee on a date, what should be the default attendance to mark. If you select 'Present' all days where no attendance information is captured will be marked as 'Present'. This does not overwrite Holidays and Weekly Offs.

Present if Punch Found

If checked, this setting will mark Present if there is at least one attendance punch in the time data for an employee. Thus, even if you have not marked Present/Absent specifically, employee will be considered Present if he/she has a time punch on a day. This also does not overwrite Holidays and Weekly Offs.

Disallow Sand-witch Holidays and Weekly Offs

Selecting this option allows you to disallow holidays and weekly offs if an employee is absent on either a day before or day after the holiday or weekly off.